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As a biotech company, our R+D team is developing two different and unique technologies in which nature and technology are the essence. 

All our products are indeed based on one, both, or hybrid combinations of them.

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Bioo Panel

A 100% Green source of energy!

Using our technology of obtaining electricity from nature, we are developing a unique vegetal panel that generates and supplies energy from nature to light up systems of parks and gardens. Installed underground it will visually fit to the landscape and constantly produce electricity during day and night.
Bioo Panel is part of our R+D SME project funded by the European Comission under the H2020 framework. It is our objective for 2021, to create a marketable product that generates 1W/m2 and that could be placed in gardens, houses, public parks, etc., to make cities everyday greener.


Under development

Bioo Sensor

The agriculture revolution 

We aim to develop the first 100% sustainable sensor that will be powered by the land itself saving costs by eliminating chemical batteries and constant replacements.
Bioo Sensor is part of the R+D FET project in collaboration with 9 other european entities. Better known as GrowBot, we propose a disruptively new paradigm of movement in robotics inspired by the moving-by-growing abilities of climbing plants. Our task is to provide the natural energy for this magnificent robot!


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Under development

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